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Rescuing a Dog? 2 Tips to Keep Them Safe

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If you are rescuing a dog this can be an exciting time. Because the dog is a rescue, however, it may have problems such as escaping from you. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent this and keep your dog safe if they do escape, two of which are listed below.  


If your rescue escapes from you your dog will not be familiar with its surroundings and easily get lost. To make sure your dog gets back to you, you should get him or her microchipped.  

The microchip is tiny and is a procedure that is done by a veterinarian. The doctor puts the chip right under your dog's skin, generally between the shoulder blades. It works much like giving your dog a vaccination. 

The microchip works by using radio-frequency waves to transmit a special ID number that is on the chip. A scanner then reads the number, and it is displayed on the scanner. For the microchip to work as intended you need to register it; your veterinarian can help you with this. When your dog is lost and someone scans your dog, the microchip will tell them the dog is registered. The person then can get your information to call you. 

For more information, look to a microchipping pet service near you.

Install a Fence

If you have a backyard install a fence to keep your dog inside. A fence will ensure your dog does not escape while they are playing. There are many types of fencing you can choose from. A chain-link fence can work well, and it is budget-friendly. Make sure the fence is tall enough so that the dog cannot jump over it. 

Wood fencing works well, especially if you want privacy. This also prevents your dog from seeing outside the fence so they will not try to get out to chase another animal. If you choose wood, you must seal it each year to help prevent rot and protect the wood from insects, such as termites. 

Another good option is vinyl fencing. This works much like privacy fencing and your dog cannot see out of it. Vinyl is beneficial as it holds up well to weather elements. It is easy to clean, and you do not have to worry about pests damaging the fence. Vinyl fencing will save you money as it will last a long time for you.

Besides these two things, take your dog to a dog trainer, and make sure they get regular vet visits.