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The Benefits Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Cat

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If you acquired a cat to care for, and it is not yet altered, you are likely looking into the reasons for having a spay or neuter surgery conducted for your new friend. There are several reasons why cat owners spay or neuter their pets. Here are the benefits if you decide to have this procedure done for your cat. 

No Unwanted Kittens

If you are not interested in caring for or finding homes for kittens, spaying or neutering your cat is a must. When a female cat is spayed, some of her reproductive organs are removed from the body, making it impossible for her to become pregnant. When a male cat is neutered, it can no longer impregnate a female feline. This simple surgical procedure will save you the hassle of having to worry about kittens if you do not have the means to care for them yourself.

If your female cat happens to escape the confines of your home when she is in heat, there is a risk she will come back pregnant. If you have a male cat, and you have neighbors with cats of their own, there is a possibility that it will cause one of them to become pregnant. Spaying or neutering is necessary when you know you do not want kittens in your household.

Some Medical Issues Are No Longer A Concern

When a cat is unaltered, there is always a potential for it to suffer from medical conditions of the reproductive organs. When these organs are removed, they are no longer present to deteriorate. Spaying or neutering your cat helps to protect them against some reproductive cancers. It is best to have your cat spayed or neutered as soon as their veterinarian deems them old enough for the surgical procedure. This way medical issues are eliminated at an early age before they can arise.

Poor Behavior Is Often Stopped

Spaying or neutering your cat can help with behavioral problems. Unaltered female cats will attempt to gain entry to the outside to look for a male partner. They also meow or wail often to alert outdoor male cats of their presence. Unaltered male cats will mark their territory by urinating on items in or around your home. They may also show signs of aggression toward you or other pets in your home. When a cat is spayed or neutered, these reproductive behavioral problems usually stop completely.

Contact a local veterinarian to learn more about the spay and neuter process.