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4 Ways to Help Your Pet Feel More at Ease about Going to the Vet

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Regular vet visits are important to keep your pet healthy. Your local vet services can help you and your pet with preventative care, regular exams, as well as emergency services. If you have a new pet or if your pet hasn't been to the vet in a while, you may be worried that they'll feel scared about an upcoming vet visit. Here are some tips that can help your pet feel more at ease about going to the vet:

Get Them Comfortable with Their Carrier 

For some pets, like cats, you may need to bring them to the vet in a carrier. If you wait until the last moment to get them in their carrier, it can cause a lot of stress and make you late for your appointment. By putting their carrier out a couple of days before their appointment, they can sniff around and feel more comfortable with it so that it's easier to transport them on appointment day.

Bring Some Treats and Calming Supplements

Some pet owners choose to bring some treats for the car ride and the waiting room. Treats can be used to reward good behavior and to keep your pet happy.

If your pet is especially anxious, especially when going to the vet, you may need to use supplements to help them calm down. It's always a smart idea to talk to your veterinarian about this before using a new supplement or product. They can help you understand what options are available and the right dose for your pet.

Bring a Favorite Toy or Blanket

Another way that you can help to calm your pet is by bringing their favorite toy or blanket. Having it in their carrier or in the car can help them feel at ease before they heat into the vet office.

Keep Yourself Calm

It can also be helpful to minimize your own anxiety before the appointment. If your pet senses that you're feeling uneasy, this can cause them anxiety. Try to calm down well before the appointment so that your pet feels comfortable and safe around you and while at the vet.

Following these tips can help make your pet feel more at ease about going to the vet. If you're feeling anxious, remind yourself that this is essential for their health and wellbeing and that they will feel happy again as soon as they get back home with you!