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Treating Cat Anxiety Without Heavy Medicating

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Cats are susceptible to anxiety and nervousness just like humans are, especially since there's no real way to explain to a cat what's going on in any given situation. If your cat normally experiences high levels of stress and anxiety, you may have already been told that veterinarians can treat it by prescribing anti-anxiety drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs can leave your cat feeling off, sleepy, or even cause unwanted side effects. Here's a few other ides on how you can help your cat.


Cats enjoy a good scent, but they're also able to detect certain feline hormones and pheromones that people can't. When a cat comes into contact with these hormones, it changes the way that they act and behave. For example, a cat that detects a female's hormones while she's in heat may be drawn to her (assuming both cats aren't fixed.)

These same capabilities are true of products that contain hormones. For example, choosing a diffuser with a pheromone or hormone spray in it can help to soothe cats. Manufacturers put the same pheromone into them that maternal cats produce, which has a calming effect on kittens.


Another option might be dressing up your cat. Not the way that you typically see photos of, though. Instead, you'd be dressing up your cat in an anti-anxiety jacket.

These jackets use gentle pressure to help a pet to feel soothed. The same technique can work for dogs and people, too. Using an anxiety jacket for your cat can help to reduce their stress and anxiety without you having to hold them constantly. This is especially useful so that if your cat experiences a frightening moment, they won't scratch you up and can hide safely while wearing the jacket, too.


Lastly, consider talking to an alternative cat health practitioner about Reiki. This gentle method of energy healing is often useful for stressed out and anxious pets. By sending Reiki energy to your cat, practitioners say that they can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and soothe pre-existing health conditions. Many cats are able to enjoy this energy healing method, and as it's completely non-invasive, it won't be dangerous or harmful in the slightest to your cat.

If you're worried about the chronic anxiety your cat is going through, don't immediately reach for heavy anti-anxiety drugs that might rob your cat of its normal personality. Try these methods and see if they help your kitty to feel more like itself without having to take drugs everyday. Learn more by clicking here.