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Side Effects To Watch For In Your Dog After Vaccinations

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Vaccinations for your puppy are important to keep your dog safe from disease and illness. These vaccinations are very important and a big responsibility as a pet owner. If you don't give your dog these vaccinations as instructed by your veterinarian, you are leaving your dog open to these diseases, which could potentially cause life-threatening illnesses. Even with vaccinations, your dog could have side effects or reactions to the vaccinations that you need to watch out for. Read on for some side effects and things to look for in your dog after having pet vaccinations.

Lack Of Appetite

Your dog may not have much of an appetite after having his shots. This is not abnormal, but if your dog isn't eating 24 to 48 hours later after having his shots, it may be something more serious than normal side effects. If your dog still has this lack of appetite after 24 hours, call the veterinarian to take your dog in for a checkup. Try to give your dog some of his regular food mixed with water to soften their food and make it a bit more appetizing.

Lack Of Energy

If your dog doesn't have a lot of energy after having his shots, this is normal. Your dog may sleep after getting his shots, but if your dog is still lethargic in a day or two after, it may be a problem. Try to give your dog plenty of water and get him outside with his favorite toy. If you aren't able to entice him to play, and the additional water isn't bringing your dog around, call the veterinarian for help.


A lump at the injection site on your dog that doesn't go away after a few weeks of having shots it is something to be concerned with. A lump may be a sign of an infection in the skin. Take note of how big the lump is and if there are any changes. Call and make an appointment with the veterinarian to have the lump checked out and give all of the information you have to the veterinarian.

Changes In Demeanor

If you spot any other changes in your dog's demeanor after getting shots, it may be a reaction to the shots. If you notice significant changes to your dog, make an appointment with the veterinarian for a checkup. Changes such as being more aggressive can be concerning. If you have a concern, call the veterinarian.

There may be side effects after vaccinations, but if they aren't going away or you feel they are more than just normal side effects, call the veterinarian for a checkup.